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This chapter of the documentation illustrates real world use cases, with UltraESB samples. This page provides an index of the samples with the relevant real world use case.

A sample categorization based on the user level is available as a reference guide which helps you to find the samples that you should/can follow based on your level of knowledge on UltraESB and ESB in general.

 HTTP and HTTPS Transport
RESTRestful Proxy ServicesHow can I proxy REST calls to a restful service101
Restful Mock ServicesHow can I create a REST mock service to test a front end106
SOAPProxying SOAP MessageHow can I proxy SOAP messages to a web service201
How can I validate a SOAP/XML message over an XSD schema, and do error handling203
JAX-WS/Fast-InfosetProxying JAX-WS (Fast-Infoset) messagesHow can I expose a XML or SOAP service as a JAX-WS service with Fast-Infoset encoding202
JSONJSON Data ServicesHow can I expose relational data as RESTful JSON data services and other RESTful CRUD services215
Advanced Cloning and Aggregation with JSON StreamingHow can I clone a message and aggregate responses with streaming of the available output211
TextProxying Text ResponsesHow can I proxy Text responses from a text service/servlet101
Database and XQueryDatabase look-ups and XQuery TransformationsHow can I look-up values from a databases and perform XQuery transformations108
Binary/HessianHessian Binary Message ProxyingHow can I proxy Hessian messages and mediate the message in-flight301
REST/HTMLReverse Proxy or Web ProxyHow can I proxy HTML or configure UltraESB to be a web proxy102
HTTP Authentication HTTP Basic and Digest AuthenticationHow can I use TLS to secure a proxy service with HTTP Basic or Digest authentication103
HTTP Basic, Digest, NTLM and AWS S3 AuthenticationHow can I access HTTP authentication (Basic, Digest, NTLM, AWS S3) secured services, and how can I secure services hosted on the ESB with HTTP authentication (Basic, Digest)110
WS-SecurityWS-Security GatewayHow can I expose a plain service as a Secure service with WS-Security, and vice-versa.204

How to perform JTA XA and JDBC/JMS resource local transactions, including synchronous and asynchronous suspension and resume702
Using JTA Transactions with SOAP, REST and other Proxy ServicesHow do I use JTA XA or resource local transactions105
Load Balancing and Fail OverProxying and Load Balancing requests to TomcatHow requests to Tomcat services could be load balanced with fail-over using the UltraESB111
Content Based RoutingContent Based RoutingHow to route/filter messages based on the message content (eg: soap headers/transport header/)117
AS2Sending and Receiving AS2 MessagesHow to send and receive AS2 messages353
 JMS Transport
TransactionsTransactions spanning multiple resources - an Example with JMS, JDBC and File systems with JTAHow JTA XA transactions could integrate JMS, JDBC and File System Resources
 E-Mail Transport
Web ServiceInvoking a Web Service via EmailHow a Web Service could be invoked via an email and a response received505
 FIX Transport  
 Fix proxy servicesHow to send and receive FIX messages550
 WebSocket Transport  

Invoking a back-end service via WebSocketHow a WebSocket client could make a back-end service call via UltraESB.450
Integrating WebSocket with other Transports How to integrate WebSocket with HTTP transport451



Broadcasting MessagesHow to broadcast messages to WebSocket clients periodically452
Building an interactive application using WebSocketHow to build an interactive application using WebSocket protocol implementation453
Building a web chat application using WebSocketHow to build a web chat application using the WebSocket transport.454

The samples shipped in the UltraESB are not limited to the above list, however this page contains all the documented samples.




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